title: design of USN-drone

date: spring 2017

description: The Bachelor thesis group containd four members and we called us for Hummingbird, and the Hummingbird's mission was to design a drone body that, together with the delivered components, must be completed into a comprehensive and functional drone. Hummingbirds USN-drone should be a working drone with a load capacity of 800 grams. Because the drone's density and payload moust be below 2500 gram, then it can be used without certificates. In other words, it is in the aviation regulatory framework for RO-1 drone. In addition, other requirements that make it is water resistant (IP grade 44) and that it will be able to fly for 25 minutes in stretch both with and without payload. In addition, it must be compatible with two different types of batteries. In relation to the design, Hummingbird's vision is to get different and innovative design solutions. Here's the focus on simple, easy-to-use solutions that allow easy replacement of parts and access to maintenance with no extras.


for more information visit our bachelor website; www.humming-bird.tk

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